Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Check Your Products for Parabens

At risk of starting a widespread panic, I'm posting this in my continual fascination with the world of makeup. As previously noted, I don't seem to ever remember to put it on. I also rarely seem to remember to wear shoes, but I think these are issues with working at home.

The short version of my concern with parabens? Cosmetics are a major (if not THE major) source of absorbed chemicals. Where does that lotion go when we spread it on? The water in it evaporates (at least here in the desert it does) and most of it soaks in. Parabens are in many beauty products to increase shelf life, but they are traced to all sorts of nasty things, including possibly breast cancer.

Read Beauty's Beasts for more information.

Several options sans parabens are listed at the bottom of the article including:


Those are all British, from what I can tell, so scroll down to my post, Forgive me while I powder my nose to see products for sale in the US.