Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Victoria's Dirty Secrets?

You are really an awful business and I own some of your underwear and frankly it's awful too. It's poorly made, uncomfortable, and I'm ashamed I bought it in the first place.

And here's one good reason that Victoria's Secret should be ashamed of itself:

During the third week in June, a shopper in Boston was told she couldn't breast-feed her baby in the Victoria's Secret dressing room and was directed to a nearby bathroom, according to a company spokesman. The same week, a woman in Wisconsin was not allowed to breast-feed in a corner of the store when the dressing stalls were occupied. She later took her baby into a dressing room but got upset when she overheard employees discussing her.
So let's review what we know: Victoria's Secret is allowed to make millions of dollars from sexualizing breasts, but will not allow women to use their breasts for their biological purpose in their own stores.

It's not enough that they market their Pink line of underwear to tween girls, who frankly shouldn't have anything to do with Victoria's Secret.

So again, let's review what Victoria's Secret teaches us:

your breasts and ass were created for men's viewing pleasure beginning around age 10

Who's up for some underwear burning?