Friday, January 19, 2007

Dear Diary, I'm so bored.....

Emmalee Bauer, 25, of Iowa kept a journal on her computer at work at Sheraton in order to chronicle her boredom and attempts to pass the time:

I am going to sit right here and play Elf Bowling or some other nonsense. Once lunch is over, I will come right back to writing to piddle away the rest of the afternoon. ... I have almost 100 pages here! I wonder how long that's going to take to print?

Now I've never played elf bowling, but it's no surprise to me that Bauer was fired. Her journal was used at the unemployment hearing to deny her unemployment.

Would anyone like to suggest some lessons we could learn from this story? Here are the obvious and practical ones.

1. Don't keep personal things on your work computer.

2. If you're going to waste time at work, don't take pleasure in it, which seems to have been the part that convinced the judge she wasn't eligible for for unemployment.

I think there's also room for a lesson that's a bit broader. When we have jobs that we find meaningless, we tend to get into trouble. So here's another lesson:

3. Try and find meaning in your work. Challenge yourself.

Via Gawker