Monday, March 26, 2007

Doing the Opposite: Not Reading

I'm on Week Four of The Artist's Way and I've been assigned not to read. The idea struck me as absurd. I read all the time. It's my job. That's what editors and writers do. They read. Everything.

Cameron's rationale is that for some of us words are like tranquilizers and we are slowly sedating ourselves and reading while we could be doing our own art.

So, I'm not reading books, newspapers, or blogs.* I didn't read the blurbs at LACMA about the artists and their work, I didn't read the program at Sunday's Live on my "artist's date" (a weekly date for my artist (me)). I just watched and listened.

I'm on a business trip this week, and I didn't bring any books with me, so I could listen and write. Not reading is doing the opposite of what I normally do, so perhaps it will open up some possibilities to me.

*I am reading emails, and traffic signs.