Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blogger's Choice

It's that time again, the moment where I realize that I'm fiercely competitive while I try to feign indifference. Trust me, it's not easy. But watch me look as though I don't care even as I curl into the fetal position, listen to Manilow albums, and cry myself to sleep. I'm mostly kidding. We don't own a turntable.

It would be lovely if you would consider voting for Surviving the Workday at the Blogger's Choice awards for Best Religion Blog*. I see a few of my favorites are up too, Beliefnet, The Wild Hunt, UU Momma.

You can begin the voting process here by signing up. If you don't want emails, use your email for your junkier mail, or uncheck the box about emailing you with updates.

*I secured a nomination with a threat of nominating someone else for Hottest Mom Blogger. So you see how ruthless I am.