Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eco-Friendly Options at the HD

Home Depot will label its 2500 eco-friendly options with this label, beginning on Earth Day. What's an eco-friendly option? Well, I like to use diatomaceous earth to keep ants out of my house rather than poison. But I would usually have a hard time finding it at the HD. I also like to sow with organic seeds (not genetically modified). And use non-volatile organic compound paint. This sort of product will now be labeled at Home Depot.

I'm pleased by this development. You'll recall that less than a decade ago, Home Depot had all sorts of boycotts against it for unsustainable practices. So whether this is some greenwashing or a turnaround on their part, I'll feel okay about spending my Home Depot gift cards from Christmas on some CFL bulbs. Except they're giving those away (on Earth Day, April 22).

Via Earth Times and Sustainable is Good