Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Heart Wal-Mart

Just Kidding.

But I'm interested in

a. healthy eating
b. turning off the TV
c. carpooling
d. exercising

so why would I be so hesitant to embrace a program by Wal-Mart to encourage all four of those ideas?

a. It's Wal-Mart
b. whose primary motivation is to make employees more productive
c. and to cut health insurance costs.

Oh, right. That's why. I have a small problem with process, which allow Wal-Mart into the personal lives of its employees (most of whom earn under 20K a year, which doesn't feel like enough to let an employer in) and I do have a big problem with the motivation, which seems entirely self-serving despite the initial outlay of cash to fund the initiative. Still, the end results for employee health might make it worth it. You can read At Wal-Mart Lessons of Self-Help in the NYT for more information.