Monday, April 02, 2007

I want a Jamba Juice!

One hot day on the Westside of Los Angeles, Jim and I happened to be with a family friend, who spends the majority of her downtime shopping at the Gap and J. Crew. This particular day, she decided to broaden the sources of endorphins. In fact, she proclaimed quite loudly on the street, "I want a Jamba Juice!"

Now, we were both struck by how absurd this was because we have our own juicer and wouldn't pay someone $7 to juice an orange. But also because her tone was so....certain that a Jamba Juice contained well-being. And it wasn't just juice that she wanted; it was Jamba Juice.

"I want a Jamba Juice!" has now become a catch phrase in our household when we wish to express a seemingly superficial wish out loud. For example, I'm swamped with work, most of it returned to me for additional edits, the dog has tide-pool breath, the porch seems like it's going to collapse, hey, is that a black widow on my leg?...I want a Jamba Juice!

That's all I have for a jamba juice riff. But I do see that there is dairy in Jamba Juice's non-dairy items. I speak as someone who is lactose intolerant. Gross.