Monday, April 23, 2007

An Invitation to Mine Gold

Femminista and I are starting an on-line group to work through Julia Cameron's book Vein of Gold together, and you are welcome to join.

The group is open to women and men who are interested in growing as artists and human beings. You don't need to be a working artist to do it. I am, I think Femminista would say she's not, though she's extremely creative, especially in the domestic realm.

Vein of Gold builds upon The Artist's Way, which I just finished, and which Femminista hasn't done (so either approach is welcome in our group) because she heard Vein of Gold was better. Really. The premise of The Artist's Way is that creativity is a gift from God. As you open yourself to your creativity, you open yourself to God. Unfortunately many of us are blocked. And when you're blocked, it's hard to be open to anything. I'm refraining from taking that metaphor further. The key is that spirituality is intertwined with creativity.

A number of positive things happened to me while working through The Artist's Way, but here are the highlights:

1. I've begun to cook again, which I stopped approximately ten years ago when I entered graduate school. This has made all members of the household happy. Even the dog.

2. I've begun to write poetry, which I always considered the domain of my mother.

3. And sketch, which I haven't done with any seriousness since 1992.

4. And I'm thinking of about the wild world of knitting.

5. My paid writing is also going well, and is invigorated. And my unpaid work is going superbly too.

In short, through following the Artist's Way, I discovered creative aspects of myself that I hadn't seen in decades. It was life-changing. *

So, if you would like to join the on-line group to work through Vein of Gold, you will need to visit our Vein of Gold blog for details. If you want to do it, buy the book, and send Femminista an email to be added to the group blog. To summarize:

Who: You?
What: A group blog to work through Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold book
Where: Online, silly
When: Starting now, but we're flexible since not everyone's available now
Why: To experience God! Really.
How: Visit our group blog Vein of Gold and then send Femminista an email to be added (femministadellacasa AT gmail DOT com)

*You can read more about my experience with The Artist's Way in terms of leaf prints, reading deprivation, pleasure at work, how not to raise an artist, and crazymakers.