Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life Can Thrive Under Stress

As part of following The Artist's Way, I made these wax leaf prints of the plants in our yard that did not need much nurture to grow. These are the veritable weeds: dandelion, oxalysis, mallow, chocolate vine, and some other invasive stuff that I couldn't identify, but that was everywhere despite no rain. I even made wax prints of chard and sage, which survived 13 degree temperatures this winter and were still kicking (until I embedded them in wax).

My hope was that I could illustrate that there is an abundance of life that receives very little nurturing, that life can survive despite not a glance in its direction, despite receiving little sustenance, that there is something about life, in all forms, that is tenacious. Remember that during the workweek. You will survive.

Lest you think I get off on weeds and starving plants, here is a lovely flower that we actually water and fertilize and don't embed in wax paper (if you click to enlarge it, you can see how a dandelion is trying to choke it...I sense another candidate for a wax print).