Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ms. Theologian Tells an Intern to Quit

Dear Ms Theologian --

I am an intern. When I got this job, I thought I would be able to get ahead, but right now, it looks hopeless, and I've been living mostly on my credit cards because I work for free. I get lunch from meeting leftovers at work, and there are sometimes freebies that other companies send us, but mostly I'm working for free. What should I do?

-Intern Forever

Dear Intern,

You need to look for a paying job.

Internships can be great ways to gain practical experience in the inner workings of an organization. They can also be a good way to go broke as you memorize exactly how your boss wants her coffee. Take your skills and abilities and go elsewhere.


Spiritual aspects of this question? Ms. Theologian thinks it's mostly about self-care and self-nurture and lackthereof. Internships were not meant to last forever. Liberate yourself, cherie. Like the butteryfly. Fly, fly, fly away!

Read more about how one intern at Glamour went elsewhere and is highly successful. Be inspired.

-Ms. Theologian

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