Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week in Review

This week, it was sort of a Bite Me week, meaning I seemed to complain a lot on the blog (but note that if you would like to order patterns for this awesome cross stitch, check out subversive cross stitch where I ordered Fuck Cancer with wittle bunnies and birdies for a friend. And apologies for using such language to Femminista's mom.)

I whined about Blue Cross and health insurance in general. The state of California is investigating basically all the big insurance plans, because they have routinely cancelled women's insurance after pregnancy. Meaning, without cause (which is illegal), simply for using insurance. Nice.

Another workplace shooting occurred, and this one made the news. According to the CDC, there are 20 murders in the workplace each week in the United States and 18,000 violent assaults. It's hard to even know what to say with those sorts of numbers.

And then my bitching continued with Financial Frenemies, those bestselling authors who tell women that if they have no money, it's because they spent it all on Sephora. It's a way of perpetuating sexism, and it's particularly insiduous because it often wears the cloak of "feminism"....

I commented on the workplace as amoral. No one else did, except when a hamster and shredding device were involved.

And I was nominated for a Blogger's Choice award. You can vote for me (or someone else!) here. As with all these competitions, it's about raising readership, and finding new things to read. And I'm nominated twice, one of which seems to be "adult" content. I'm thinking this might have been when I called Blue Cross true motherfuckers. Or possibly my commentary on baby Jesus butt plugs. Come one. You know you want to click.