Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week in Review

Would you eat a cookie that already had a bite out of it?

That would depend on a. who took the bite and b. how much Ms. Theologian wanted the cookie.

That particular question is one of the stupid slogans from President Bush's Abstinence Only program, which apparently targets people who only sleep with virgins.

Ms. Theologian didn't mention that the program was a billion dollar failure, as a study demonstrated this week, but she might as well. Abstinence Only education doesn't work. A billion dollars worth of condom demonstrations would have done a hell of a lot more to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and decrease teen pregnancy rates. But we prefer our phallic demonstrations to involve guns. Pow, pow.

This week, we had more shootings at work, both at VT and NASA. And after the shooting at VT, you might shake your head and thank god your workplace doesn't have homicidal college students running around. But then there's NASA, where someone got a bad review, and decided to murder someone over it. So, if you haven't had a chat at your workplace (whether it's a church, school, office, grocery store, or brothel) about what you would do if someone came in with a gun, you need to start thinking about training. Again, according to the CDC, 20 workers are murdered each week at work, and 18,000 are victims of violent assaults at work. Neither figure is a typo.

In fact, last week, at our local Greek restaurant, we were talking to the owner about how her husband was assaulted by another business owner in the strip mall over parking. Yes, parking. In a strip mall. Workplace violence is everywhere.

So Ms. Theologian wonders what would happen if we applied our Abstinence Only strategies to violence rather than pre-marital sex.

Other events on Surviving the Workday? Three people wrote to Ms. Theologian, who told them to quit doing something: interning, assisting, and feeling guilty over downtime. There are actually more letters from people who need to quit doing something in Ms. Theologian's mailbag, but she has her morning rituals to attend to.

Femminista and UUmomma nominated Ms. Theologian for Thinking Blogs, but she can't seem to list other people without seeming like she's picking favorites, so she's deliberating.