Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where Things Come From

I saw Life and Debt last night, a documentary about how the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S. have instituted a form of financial slavery in Jamaica, including establishing the Jamaica Free Zones, where clothes are made in sweatshops by U.S. manufacturers for $30/week (and the clothes bear the "Made in the USA" label). It reminded me of Gwen Hauser's poem, Where Things Come From.

Where Things Come From

working at
the canadadry plant
cleaning out
cigarette cases
kleenex etc.
from the crates
for pop
(we even found a make-up compact)
i have dreams
of putting notes in bottles:
i'm being held
a prisoner in
a canada dry factory"

maybe if
we all
did this
people would realize
where things come from.

--Gwen Hauser in Going for Coffee: Poetry on the Job (blogger doesn't seem to want to let me align the lines as she did. Argh)