Monday, April 30, 2007

Workplace Fashion: Non-exemplars featured

I don't usually delve into workplace fashion because others do it so well. And if you've met me in person, you'd sense another reason. However, I did just finish Full Frontal Fashion, and did learn a few helpful tips for workplace fashion.

1. Clean it Out Cleaning out your closet involves a certain amount of courage and self-reflection. You have to remove items with stains that won't come out, clothes that are snug or loose in the wrong places, and anything heavily dated.

We all know we should not have clothes from the 1980s, unless we are wearing them as vintage-wear. That is to say, intentionally. Unfortunately, I found a pair of black faux-suede pumps from 1988, little cream-colored heels I wore to my college graduation (which gave me gawdawful blisters), and strappy blue heels that I "wore" to my cousin's wedding. I say "wore" because most of the time I carried them in my hand because I can't walk in them to save my life. All shoes have been donated. I also found cowboy boots, which I kept.

2. Organize by Outfit After the closet is cleaned of the dated, stained, and ill-fitting gear, consider putting together outfits in your closet, including bottoms, tops, even underwear and belts. Then figure out what you need to add in to make an outfit.For example, I had a bunch of outfits that were actually hip, but lacked critical parts (a bra that wasn't visible under a shirt, a belt, a purse). This process made packing for my last business trip quite easy.

Thus ends the helpful tips.

There were any number of dumb generalizations and rationalizations in the book, including why I should dress up while working at home: The UPS man could be your next husband! Uhm. No, the UPS man is named David, he's married with two kids, he's Catholic, and he's friends with my husband. Or this one: Try a thong for a week. You'll never go back! Uhm. No. Just no.