Monday, April 09, 2007

Workplace Shooting in Detroit; One of 20 people who will statistically die at work this week. Eeek.

Here's the latest workplace shooting as described by police (Scherlinck) in the LA Times:

Scherlinck described the shooter as a former employee of one of the offices who might have been terminated as recently as a week ago. The man was armed with a long gun, either a shotgun or a rifle, Scherlinck said. The 170,000-square-foot building houses a number of businesses, including law offices and the accounting firm where the shooting was believed to have occurred.

A while back, I wrote about workplace violence and fielded a Ms. Theologian question about
workplace violence and going postal.

We see violence everywhere from movie billboards to T-shirts to our neighbors and even in our own behavior. The workplace simply continues this pattern; the workplace is a very violent place. According to the CDC, 20 workers are murdered each week at work, and 18,000 a week are victims of violent assaults. With those sorts of figures, it's shocking to me that we only see workplace violence on the news every once in a while.