Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Art for Babies (and Adults)

One thing I've noticed in the past 18 months as 6 friends and family members have had babies is that there are some really cool baby toys out there. And I've also noticed that I don't actually have the judgment to tell whether these are just cool for me (and my inner child) and possibly scare the bejeezus out of babies or whether they are just cool for everyone. I suppose it depends on the child and age. Here are a couple I've seen on Treehugger:

Cotton Monsters, handmade by Jennifer Strunge

Ragamuffins, handmade by Crispina Ffrench (I think there are two f's in her last name, but that might be a typo on the web site).

I gather from reading their bios that these women are both artists, both with a lot of training, and that they are now applying their skills to toys, which, frankly, are art.

Via TreeHugger