Thursday, May 24, 2007

Copyright for Writers and Other Folks

Could I love Maud Newton more?

I'm not sure I could. And I've never met her. I only know her loosely from years ago on zoetrope.

But she wrote the funniest essay I ever read about a cockroach in her pants. And now, as a former tax attorney, she's providing astute advice on copyright for Gawker on why writers shouldn't hold the rights in perpetuity.

More than that, she understands the plight of the "work for hire" writer, which is what I do for $. So hard that:

You want to talk about corporations riding to riches on the backs of
authors and artists? Take a look at the copyright rules and terms for "works
made for hire."

Yes, "no rights" at all when you "write for hire." You eat, but you retain absolutely nothing.