Friday, May 25, 2007

How to Alter the Traits of Your Grandchildren

You might try using a lot of plastic products. Truthfully, I find this sort of finding absolutely terrifying:

Convening in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, toxicologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists and other experts warned that when fetuses and newborns encounter various toxic substances, growth of critical organs and functions can be skewed. In a process called "fetal programming," the children then are susceptible to diseases later in life — and perhaps could even pass on those altered traits to their children and grandchildren.
The last sentence is chilling. And keep in mind that 80% of chemicals used in the United States, including those in plastics in food and water containers and cosmetics, have not been tested for their effects on fetal and early childhood development.

What specifically should you be concerned about?

    bisphenol A, found in polycarbonate plastic food and water containers;
    the pesticides atrazine, vinclozolin, and DDT;
    phthalates used in cosmetics and soft plastics;
    brominated flame retardants;
    arsenic, which contaminates some water supplies; and
    PCBs, banned but ubiquitous, particularly in fish.
Consider reading the whole article, Common Chemicals Pose Dangers for Fetuses.