Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Friday, so....

it's time for a quiz, Quiz 15 from the BBC (Choose Archive, then Quiz 15.)

Again, I will provide a non-exemplar of 11 out of 15. My assistant from last summer claimed I made up the word "non-exemplar" but I swear it's a word. Yes, these are the sorts of disagreements that editors have with one another.

Back to the quiz, most embarrassing, I confused yin and yang. But frankly that seem typical of my own sorts of gender confusion and reversals of traditional roles. At least that's how I've rationalized it.

Feel free to post your score here. I think last time everyone did better than me, so I consider that I am "motivating" you to achieve. Additional points to the person who figures out what all of these questions have in common: are they all practices? rites? terms?