Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Make up

I've begun to like wearing makeup at work. This is a totally new thing for me at age 34. (I know my profile says I'm 250. That's a joke.)

The only other times I've worn make up are for meetings with big business executives or leaders of nonprofits, and I thought of it as war paint or at least protective armor. I'm thinking that "war paint" possibly an outdated racist phrase, but I suppose anyone can wear makeup and go to war. Ahem.

What has led to my makeup-wearing is that rather than hearing, "You look tired. Are you sleeping enough?" or "Have you been ill?" I've heard statements like, "Gosh, don't you look pretty!" over and over. And, frankly, let's be honest here, you can get me to do anything if you call me pretty.

However, it concerns me that most makeup contains gross things that you don't really want in your body. Like pthalates, which disrupt the endocrine system, and consequently reproductive functions. And like parabens, which are traced to breast cancer. Most makeup ends up being ingested, like lipstick, which is swallowed, or coverup, which is absorbed in your skin. Interestingly (shockingly?) the FDA does not require that makeup is tested for safety, so it can contain anything.

Femminista della Casa has tips on how to be personally less toxic. She makes her own beauty products. You can also look up your current brand of makeup on Skin Deep. My brand (Burt's Bees) didn't do so well. So I'll be poking around for something else soon. If you feel like sharing the rating of your brand or product, feel free to post in comments. I'm always curious.