Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ms. Theologian suggests withholding

Dear Ms. Theologian,

What do you think of this (attached)?

-you know who

Dear you know who,

The last person who asked this question was referring to a baby jesus butt plug, so Ms. Theologian is hesitant to open your document. She does not need to see that butt plug again. However, since she knows you, you know who, she will consider the attachment.

Ms. Theologian and you agree that what you are showing her is a proprietary survey of employee "attitude" questions, so it won't be printed here. Plus, it's lengthy, repetitive, and rather boring. Ms. Theologian also thinks your employer is not entitled to know what you think when you wake up in the morning, what you do outside of work hours, or whether you're too exhausted to think when you get home.

Ms. Theologian is reminded of a friend in divinity school who couldn't quite manage to get past the psychological evaluation in the ordination process because he shared too much. Each time he saw the psychological evaluator, he talked about his deepest darkest fears, his challenges, his growing edges, and just about everything you could imagine. In great detail. Consequently he could not get ordained. This is not to say he shouldn't have shared, but to say that he needed to use judgment.

As do you.

This is not a friendly survey. This is a test. Withhold information.

-Ms. Theologian

P.S. If you'd like to write to Ms. Theologian, send an email to ms dot theologian at gmail dot com.