Saturday, May 19, 2007

Disney, Public Domain and Fair Use

I've mentioned how much I don't like Disney before.

Much of my dislike of them stems from being a writer and understanding that there may only be a few stories in existence but that no one "owns" the story. You can own your version of the story, but not the story itself. Unless you're Disney.

Disney takes classic stories in the public domain, makes a film with them, and then thinks that they own all iterations of the story because they have expensive lawyers. That means that although Ali Baba and A Thousand Nights existed as a story for thousands of years, now Disney literally owns it because they made a movie called Alladin out of it.

But here's some excellent subversion with fair use. Here's a link to Bucknell Professor Eric Faden's explanation of why Disney is the Wicked Witch of Intellectual Property: A Fair-y Use Tale.

Via Boing Boing