Friday, May 11, 2007

No China Diet: Clothes (Part 2)

Scott at Boy in the Bands has a summary post of US clothing options, Buying US-made Clothing, so far, which certainly fits the needs of the No China Diet. (Pangea, The Vegan Store, is my absolute favorite, and has body care as well as bags.)

But I need a new white bra, preferably in cotton. Now that this rather intimate detail is out there, I can let you look at the expression on this woman's face, which seems equally intimate (in a joyous sort of way). I feel like I've just seen some sort of solo underwear porn.

Facial expressions aside, I'll mention that I did find a Not Made in China white cotton bra in Target last weekend for $12. But it was made in Indonesia. I bought it, and then felt exceptionally stupid the entire way home, because, of course, that's trading one sweat shop for another. (My facial expression was a grimace.) So I'm taking it back.

Back to the bras from Rawganique. These bras are:

organic cotton (lovely)
available in "natural" (which seems like it might be "white")
come in a range of sizes (also good)

But the sizes are small, medium, and large. There's a reason most bras aren't available that way. Because breasts vary. Even from breast to breast.

For $24, I'm wondering if I should just see what a medium looks like....