Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No China Diet: Food

This post may exemplify the self-indulgence of blogging, because it includes my grocery list. As part of the No China Diet, I'm trying to avoid buying products from China, for these reasons, including food.

One of the specific reasons for avoiding food grown in China is the widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, many of which are illegal here. Another issue is that food shipped halfway around the world, which violates some of the principles of eating fairly and well. Certainly of eating "fresh."

However, China has a booming organic market. U.S. corporations, such as Costco, and the USDA send representatives to China to check the organic conditions and then certify them as organic. But organic doesn't always mean organic, exactly, because organic produce can be grown with human waste in China (gag). Trader Joe's reportedly sells "organic" spinach from China, but I didn't see any. Their edamame is from China though.

It would please me to no end if you played along in some fashion when you bought your own groceries and checked the origin. You don't have to share the results, just play along. So, here's most of what we bought with the origin noted.

Seltzer (CA)
Organic Westsoy Plus (NY)
Cherry Cider (CA)*
Strawberry Juice (CA)*
Earl Grey tea (CA)*
Organic Espresso (Italy)

Vegetables and Fruit
Caesar Salad Mix (CA)
Organic spinach (CA)
Vidalia onions (CA)
Organic strawberries (CA)
Cantaloupe (CA)
Blueberries (CA)
Organic tomatoes (CA)
Organic carrots (CA)
Apples (WA)

Eggs (CA)
Organic Tofu (CA)
Tofurky Sausages (MA)
Smart Dogs (OR)
Canned salmon (CA)**
Salmon (Norway)**

Processed Things
Organic applesauce (CA)*
Organic polenta (CA)*
Salsa Fresca (CA)*
Artichoke Ravioli (CA)*
Olive Batard (CA)
Wheat bread (CA)

Items Skipped
edamame (China)
limes (Mexico)
Snowpeas (Mexico)

So now you've seen the grocery list. I'll probably go to Whole Foods for more vegetables this weekend, but it's easy enough to get something somewhat local and organic there.

*Items with a star were marked "Distributed and Sold by Trader Joe's, Monrovia, California." Hard to tell where exactly the ingredients came from, eh? That might call for some investigative journalism.

**Fish is for husband.