Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No China Diet: Office Supplies (Paper)

Seeing Pia Ehrhardt pull out one of these at our Tin House writing workshop with Jim Shepard filled me with envy and started a journey away from The Franklin Planner and toward The Moleskine and hipster pda. *

Why? My Franklin Planner was bulky, the refills were expensive, and it was filled with lines that bothered me. Seriously, the ruled lines really bothered me. And then there's the whole Stephen Covey-Franklin Planner alliance that makes me cringe.

But at least two centuries of artists have found The Moleskine satisfying. Jim (my husband, not Jim Shepard) and I both have the small notebooks, which fit in back pockets. He has smaller soft cover squared notebooks too, and I just filled a large notebook with the sort of brilliance that occurs when you just wake up (total rambly drivel).*

It's made in Italy.* And, yes, it's probably pretentious as all hell, but when you live in a shack, you are allowed this sort of pretention. When you have denied yourself the pleasure of Ann Taylor, and J-41 (both products made in China) due to self-imposed No China Diet, perhaps the Moleskine has to satisfy.*

*Disregard everything I've written. The love I feel for Moleskine is real. And so is the betrayal! Read the comments. These puppies are printed and bound in China. My fault, my fault, my fault. I'm a sloppy, sloppy girl, and this game of No China is much more difficult than it seems.