Monday, May 21, 2007

No China: Office Supplies (Pens)

Most writers have some sort of fetish. I have a fairly common one: the pen fetish. It began with a Waterman in high school, and then I sort of moved up the Waterman line, while the pens leaked all over my hands. Because you were not supposed to let anyone else write with the pen, I had to come up with all sorts of inventive excuses on why I couldn't share my pen. And then there was an absolutely glorious period of my life at a publishing company where they bought good pens for everyone. They were excellent, except twice (not once, but twice!) the pens exploded on my hands during airline travel. They did not like high altitudes.

Now that I actually buy my own pens, and am on the No China diet, I've been a bit concerned about where to go for pens. I realize that for most of us, well, we just don't care about the pens. But it matters to a writer. I just learned that my ultimate in pen fantasies, The Fisher Space Pen, is Made in Boulder City, Nevada. It writes smoothly, on all surfaces, and at temperature extremes. I suppose the carabiner is unnecessary for some....but some models come in purple.

Read the ebay review of the Fisher pen.