Monday, May 21, 2007

Survey: Workplace Attitudes

Do you have any ideas for questions for my survey on attitudes in the workplace about parents and nonparents? Please post in comments or email (ms dot theologian at gmail dot com).

GhostGirl informs me that this topic is au courant and emailed me Avoiding Sparks Between Parents and NonParents, which brings up a number of the issues this letter and this letter discussed. Here's the gist:

Some of the best companies in America go to great lengths to accommodate employees with kids. Generous paid maternity and paternity leaves, on-site or backup child-care assistance, options for flexible work options, and even scholarships to send employees' offspring to college are just some of the popular benefits touted by employers. This aggressive emphasis on the family-friendly workplace is great for working parents, great for employers and great for society.

But when you ask another group of dedicated employees -- those without kids -- for their take, you often get a different perspective. There is growing resentment in cubicles everywhere from workers without children who are fed up with what they perceive to be too much coddling of their parenting peers.

I'm in favor of "coddling" everyone. Any questions for my survey? I reserve editorial rights.