Friday, May 25, 2007

When God Speaks...

When I was three years old, at the Starr King Parent Child Workshop, God spoke to me. He very clearly said to me, "Run forward with your eyes closed." So I did.

I ran forward, arms outstretched, eyes closed, smacked into the Moreton Bay Fig tree, and broke some little bones in my nose. It hurt a lot. And the parents and teachers who were present hugged me, I bled on them, and they wondered aloud at what a strange thing I had done.

I'm writing this story as part of Vein of Gold, in my narrative time line, an exercise in writing your autobiography, only in your voice. Of course, I suppose it's obvious that an autobiography is in your own voice, but often we hear family stories that take a perspective that isn't necessarily our own.

For example, when my parents tell the story, they leave out the God parts (as they are California UUs and the mere mention of God makes them squirm; and heaven help us that God was actually male and made a request of a human being). They tell simply the story of a strange little girl not quite understanding the properties of physics (f = ma, for starters). But I remember very clearly that God spoke to me. Not a parent or teacher, but God.

I was reading UUMomma's story of her flat tire in which she wonders about the theological significance, and I was thinking how odd it is that I had this experience, so clearly, of God, but it was sort of swept under the carpet in favor of reason and science and, well, say not running forward with your eyes closed.