Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Aren't You Working?

You know how you have some friends who are such good friends that you have the same conversations over and over and don't care? The conversations change slightly with new insights, but they are essentially the same.

One of my favorite conversations with a friend who freelances is: What are all these people doing hanging around this restaurant at eleven o'clock in the morning?

Now, what are we doing? We're networking. We're having brunch. This is a business expense, a meeting between two professionals, who just so happen to have partners who are busy. We give each other work and 1099 each other. This brunch is actual work, baby. And one of us is going to write it off.

But what are all these other people doing? Really.

We don't really know. We have discussed it endlessly though. Did they take sick days? Do they bartend and not have to work at eleven in the morning? Are they simply self-employed? Do they have partners who support them? Are they "flexing" their schedules? What are they doing?

Chris Colin in The Mystery of the Daytime Idle: Why aren't you working? took our conversation one step farther. He actually interviewed people. Here are some of the reasons people weren't at work:

Quit Job
In Hospice
Traveling for Pleasure
Have the Day Off
On Disability
Interested in watching the grass grow

The list goes on and on.