Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why You Might Not Want to Come Out at Work

I started this post to link to a great column by Beth Ditto about coming out at work. I've written a bit about coming out before, but others have done it better in Coming Out at Work, which includes a great list of pros and cons. Basically, whether or not you come out is an individual decision that depends on you and your workplace.

Then I got sort of sidetracked by this figure: In 33 states, it's legal to fire someone based on sexual orientation. What the hell is this about? I thought. That would certainly explain why people don't come out. Self-protection is a powerful and necessary reflex.

And then I found a new bill in Congress to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace, so consider taking a look at the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act. It sounds like the right thing to write your congress person about. I never have much luck with my representative, but you might.