Monday, May 21, 2007

Work Poem: They Pay Me To Sit Around

in my job
you see i'm a tv newscameraman
and when there isn't
any news
then I sit around
a lot.
i've sat around queen's park
listening to the gaggle
of political winds
i've cruised up and down
bloor and yonge and even queen
watching the t&b (which is
a tv newscameraman's term
for tits and bums,
call it c&b)
and watching the street people
hassle cops while the cops
hassle them right back.
i remember once waiting
for two hours on a rug
outside a boardroom in
the tortonto ed building
while the metro zoo board
floundered about inside in
parliamentry procedure and
the only procedure i had to
worry about was how to
shift my weight from one
cheek to the other.
i'm even writing this poem
waiting for a phone call
in our city hall office.

all this you know for a fast seventeen-minute headline
of the day's events.
but believe me, every minute of it
was punctuated by hours
of waiting.

-Brgoramu in Going for Coffee: poetry on the job, an anthology by Tom Wayman