Saturday, June 09, 2007

And now it's time to give me some advice...

I'm attending a poetry workshop in the Sierras this summer and have to figure out my housing options. Yes, this sounds petty, but I'm really stuck for some reason. I've been to the facilities before and it is highly reminiscent of De Benneville Pines, the UU Church camp in the San Bernadino mountains. There's a main lodge, and a lot of surrounding buildings, except in this case, there are also hotels, campgrounds, and summer rentals.

Here's the brief run-down of options:

a. Camp I could camp in a formal campground by the river. I like this option the best, in theory, except that there may be drunk people, which we've found in every formal camp site in California. I really fear drunk people, far more than bears or rattlesnakes. And my husband is not thrilled with the idea of me camping alone. That's putting it mildly. This also might be lonely. On the other hand, I like making fires, cooking outside, and sleeping outside. This would cost maybe $100.

b. Hotel I could stay in a nearby hotel, which is very nice, but somewhat expensive for a week, like $140/night x 7. This also might be lonely though it would provide reliable Internet access. But do I really want to be in the Sierras on the Internet? No.

c. A Single Room in a Rental I could stay in a summer rental through the conference in a single room ($525). The summer rentals range from really posh homes to basic condos. You can't predict what you get, but you do get to put down some preferences on the housing form (vegetarian, non-smoker, female, quiet).

d. A Double Room in a Rental I could stay in a summer rental through the conference in a double room ($325). Now this is the option I've done twice before but I've known my roommate ahead of time. I'm not sure how I feel about sharing a room with a stranger.

Other relevant information: I'm half way between an introvert and an extrovert. I need alone time or I turn evil, but I like being around people when I'm not evil. I wouldn't say the money is no object, but the money isn't the most important thing. I'm also very new to poetry.

Opinions on the best housing option for me?