Thursday, June 14, 2007

Editorial Jobs in Hair Removal

Not so long ago, at a baby shower composed entirely of editors and writers, we traded stories about the worst editorial positions. And, because I collect bad job stories, I made some notes. The worst editorial jobs are often at trade magazines because the schedules are the tightest and the "trade" is often something you just don't care for. The worst job I heard was the editor who worked at a soap opera trade magazine where everyone watched soap operas in the afternoon and cried even though they knew the plots ahead of time. If you love soaps and edit, that's a great editorial job. But if you don't like's a really bad fit.

Along the same lines, I just had the biggest laugh with another editor. I sent her this ad on Craig's List as a joke, but it turns out she was actually qualified. I had completely forgotten her illustrious past in cosmetic trade magazines specializing in hair removal.

Here are some choice lines from the ad:

Have you been looking for an opportunity to be known in the Chicagoland area for your knowledge and insight in the hair removal/cosmetic industry?

We don't want your money - just your writing skills and talents, and dedication to the Chicago-area Hair Removal Industry.
As someone of Greek/Italian origin, I do know a lot about hair removal, but...damn, I'm not in Chicago. Pity.