Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Ethically Produced Laptop

Scott Wells (Boy in the Bands) and I are team blogging about the quest for the ethically-produced laptop. His first post is here, and my first post is here, and a related post on New To You laptops is here.

Laptops have parts that come from China (and then return to China to the digital dump). I'm trying to avoid Chinese products in general. I suppose the larger principle here is that I would like a laptop that follows Do No Harm, and that includes avoiding purchases that support abuses of human labor.

And, I would say, that I'm not a purist in anything, and so if I can find a laptop with 75% non-Chinese parts, I'll probably be okay. I'm the vegetarian who will eat fish if I go to your house for dinner. I know, bad. But I try my best and I hope that's what matters.

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