Sunday, June 03, 2007

I Just Knew I had a Secret Power in the Workplace!

ABC News reports that my secret power at work is my breasts. If only I had known sooner. Think of the lives I could have saved!

Elisabeth Squires, author of a boobs: a guide to your girls, says, ""We have to remember that while more women are showing more cleavage, you really have to use your breast power responsibly."

And, what exactly is responsible breast use?

"A recent study showed men photos of women in a workplace with large breasts showing cleavage, medium breasts and small breasts. When asked about who looked most professional and personable, the men chose the women with medium-sized breasts," she said.

"You don't have to be flat-chested to be taken seriously," she added. "You just have to be proportionate. For women who are small busted, that may mean a little padding. For well-endowed women, that may mean a minimizer."

Oh, that's right. Responsible breast use means shaping my breasts so they are appropriate for male viewers. Right, right. I had forgotten that. If you think you can read more with being ill, check out Cleavage: What's Appropriate, What's Not.