Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Identifying Workplace Stress

If you manage a group of people, you may become preoccupied with your own day-to-day job responsibilities and unaware of signs of stress* in the people you manage.

Here are some behaviors that indicate high levels of stress (from Tips for Conquering Stress at Work):

- Absenteeism is increasing, whether from illness or other reasons. Just when individuals are needed the most they come down with the flu.

- People seem to need more vacation time.

- Everyone becomes more irritable and difficult to get along with.

- There's a general rise in comments such as "Gosh, we are stressed out around here."

- People exhibit confusion and make uncharacteristic mistakes.

- You, yourself, are feeling stress.

For some solutions, read Tips for Conquering Stress at Work

*Photograph is from a nearby used card dealership that went out of business. I consider it the ultimate sign of stress that the owner thinks Bakersfield is 3120 miles away.