Friday, June 08, 2007

It's Friday so....

it's time for a quiz.

And I've found a quiz that allows me to show off my expertise. Yes, it's in science, but I do have to earn a living. You'll want to write your answers down and then check them with the link at the bottom. I got all of these questions right only because I assumed that common knowledge about these events was wrong. Yay, skepticism.

1. When Galileo faced the Inquisition, he held that the Earth moved around the Sun, while the Inquisition believed that the Sun moved around the Earth. According to modern science:

a) the Inquisition was correct
b) Galileo was correct
c) neither was more or less correct than the other

2. Columbus had to fight the established Catholic doctrine that the Earth was flat before he could persuade anyone to back his attempt to reach the Indies in 1492:

a) true
b) false

3. The Catholic Church holds:

a) the teaching of evolution is a sin
b) the idea of evolution is perfectly compatible with Catholic doctrine

4. The geocentric model of the solar system was an important element of Christian doctrine because it gave man importance by placing him at the center of the universe:

a) true
b) false

5. Kepler was moved to endorse the heliocentric solar system based on objective, scientific principles rather than religious belief:

a) true
b) false

6. Everyone knows that religion is the enemy of clear scientific thinking, as evidenced by so many great scientists being atheists. Identify the atheists in the following list:

a) Aristotle
b) Frances Bacon
c) Galileo
d) Descartes
e) Pascal
f) Newton
g) Robert Boyle
h) Michael Faraday
i) Joseph Clerk Maxwell
j) Gregor Mendel
k) Louis Pasteur
l) Max Planck
m) Albert Einstein

7. According to the Dalai Lama, when science contradicts Buddhism:

a) science must have made a mistake
b) the words of the Buddha should be amended

8. The scientific revolution replaced the worldview of the Middle Ages, one based almost entirely on faith, with a worldview in which faith plays little or no part:

a) true
b) false

Answers here, if you scroll down.