Friday, June 22, 2007

Learning Not to Care

Bob Sutton writes in the Huffington Post of the the Virtues of Emotional Detachment. You'll remember Sutton as the author of the No Asshole Rule. Knowing how not to care, and learning when not to care are extremely useful skills in the workplace. If you care about everything, you're going to be very unhappy. And if you care about nothing....well, you're probably not reading thi.

Here's Sutton's philosophy in a nutshell:

I have argued for years that learning when not care, what not care about, and how to not care is just as important to career success and personal well-being as being passionate. I especially think that it is an essential skill for people who are trapped in asshole-infested workplaces and can't get out -- at least for now. If people treat you like dirt, they don't deserve your passion and best efforts. And, as I say in The No Asshole Rule, going through the motions without letting the creeps that surround you touch your soul is, unfortunately, the best - or least bad -- option at times.
Points awarded for "asshole-infested workplaces." Protect the soul at all costs, folks.