Friday, June 15, 2007

Movie Review: 10 Items or Less

I have warm fuzzy feelings when I think of Morgan Freeman. And, without therapy, those feeling have been traced to their source with the help of You Tube: The Electric Company. Did you know Morgan Freeman was on the Electric Company? I certainly didn't. But that does explain the state of ecstasy I enter when he speaks.

With that said, I loved 10 Items or less, a drama featuring Morgan Freeman as himself and Paz Vega as Scarlet, a store cashier. Filmed in 15 days on the tiniest budget imaginable, this is something you will need to rent. In 10 Items or Less, Freeman researches a role in a low-budget film (oooh metafiction!) at a grocery store, and meets Scarlet. They spend most of the movie becoming friends and driving around the parts of Los Angeles that never make it on the movie screen, the not so clean parts, the industrial parts, the parts where, say, the majority of the people live.

It's primarily a film about taking a day to help each other clean up their lives. Scarlet needs a new job badly as her ex-boyfriend as boss has dumped her for another cashier, and Freeman needs to recover from some poor role choices in the past. Both need to regain emotional strength that work has drained from them. You might know the feeling.