Saturday, June 23, 2007

Moving Your Stuff

It is really hard to move your stuff when you move homes. If you hire someone to move it for you, they may damage your stuff, lose your stuff, or hold is hostage. If you rent a truck or tow a trailer, you encounter other risks.

I think Jim and I have rented from all the big companies (U-Haul, Alamo, Penske, Budget) and never been happy with what we rented: dollies were missing, mirrors swiveled at 55 mph, and trucks were oddly misaligned. None of it seemed particularly safe, but U-Haul was undoubtedly the worst in terms of safety and hidden costs. If you add an unsafe vehicle to driving on unfamiliar roads to the crazy mental state of most of us when we move, you have a really dangerous situation.

The Los Angeles Times investigated U-Haul and found that their practices raised the risk of accidents. If you're considering renting a truck, trailer, or tow-in, please read Driving with rented risks, the first in a three-part investigative series on U-Haul. It will scare you.