Monday, June 11, 2007

Ms. Theologian Thinks of the Empire

Dear Ms. Theologian,

Please help me through my Thanks Overload. I have at least one person, if not several, who thank me repeatedly for my emails. For example:

Me: "I noticed that this documentation contradicts itself. Which is
correct? A or B?"
Thankful Person: "Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Me: "Um, so which is it? A or B?"
TP: "Oh, it's A. Thanks!!!!!"
Me: "Okay, I'll update it then. Thank you." (at which point, I am so
tired of the word I am tempted not to say it.)
TP: "THANKS!!!!!!!"

It's a major waste of my time to get so many thank you emails (and I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not.) I understand the need to acknowledge receipt for important things, but it makes me wonder how much time this person is wasting thanking everybody for everything.

I am pretty sure there is nothing I can do to stop this, so I guess I'm just looking for some perspective and something to calm me down after the 80th time this has happened today.


Ungrateful Bitch

Dear Ungrateful Bitch:

Ms. Theologian notes that it more difficult to gauge how much thanks is appropriate in business than you might think. Acknowledging receipt is not necessarily widely done in business; neither is thanking. And you have both many times over. But is the abuse of the exclamation point that really gets Ms. Theologian's goat. Occasional use is fine, but several in a row is an abomination.

In any case, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of the empire. This too shall pass.

You're welcome,

-Ms. Theologian