Friday, June 08, 2007

No China Diet: Grow Your Own Food (Some of It, Anyway)

I can't find edamame grown in the United States, but it appears I can grow soybeans (edamame) outside in the garden.

My original source for edamame was Trader Joe's until my husband noticed that our edamame came from China. Then we researched food from China. And we were scared.

Trader Joe's has suggested that if I don't like products from China, I shouldn't buy them. I should "vote with my wallet." Well, all right. I don't need to be told twice.

These seedlings came from organic seeds from Seeds of Change, which I would love to recommend as I've bought seeds from them since 1994. However Femminista has pointed out that they are now owned by Mars and listed in her greenwashing book, so my fantasy about supporting small organic farmers is no more.

I'm not a great gardener, but I can grow some things. I have carrots and red chard left over from the winter that I haven't pulled out.

And there are some pumpkins, which love the heat of the summer.

This is Jim's paste tomato plant. It seems happy enough, and hard as it is to believe, we have trouble buying local tomatoes. Most of the ones in the grocery store and Trader Joe's are from Mexico.