Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Quick Product Review: Alba Organics TerraGloss

I'm a bit too strapped for cash to buy anything on the sweatshop-free list anytime soon (and I don't really need anything), but I did buy an Alba TerraGloss for $6 after our non-parabens, non-pthalate makeup discussion.


1. It smells great. After I applied it in the car, Jim was convinced I had hidden butterscotch candy somewhere in the glove compartment and not told him about it. Alas, there was no candy and he did not want to try the lip gloss.

2. It doesn't contain pthalates or parabens or petroleum products, so I'm not eating chemicals that affect my reproductive system or cause breast cancer.


1. It makes a farting sound if you squeeze it too quickly. A skilled professional might be able to squeeze just the right amount out without making a farting noise. I'm still learning. *

2. It's hard to gauge how much to apply. With too much, the lip gloss wandered from my lips to the rest of my face. With too little, my lips were dry.

So can I recommend it? It's fine for working at home. If you wear it to a workplace where people actually notice your lips, you may need some extra time to make sure it's not smeared on your face.

*This may also be a temperature issue. It's hot where I live and TerraGloss is a liquid already, but becomes less viscous in the heat.