Monday, June 25, 2007

Raise, Repeat, Follow, and Settle

I'm just about done reading Lewis Richmond's Work as a Spiritual Practice. Richmond has a number of excellent exercises that you can do in your head at work. One of the most interesting (to me) exercises, involves these four steps:

1. Raise the Question.

2. Repeat the Question.

3. Follow the Question.

4. Settle the Question.

By raising the question, you ask yourself what the question is (1. Raise the Question). Perhaps you did not know that you have a question. Oh, but you probably do. It's probably something you worry about at work, but haven't necessarily verbalized. Ask yourself what that is.

Once you have your question, you repeat it to yourself throughout the workday (2. Repeat the Question). The question may modify itself. Richmond describes the question taking on a life of its own, and that was certainly the case for me (3. Follow the Question). Finally, the question will either resolve itself or die (4. Settle the Question).

Give it a shot.