Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scents at Work

I think a little scent in the office is okay. Really. I don't think it's okay if other people smell it, but if it's between you and a lemon, a snip of sage, or a bottle of essential oil, you're fine in my book.

I've been growing a basil plant at my window.* I started the seeds in a pot, covered with plastic wrap, and now I have quite the little seedling. I used the leaves for cooking recently, so it's a bit defoliated. But several times a day, I'll touch one of the leaves, which brings out the scent of basil.

Basil is supposedly a good smell for intellectual fatigue, which I suffer from. Daily. Here are some more essential oils and their uses. I don't think you need to go whole hog with the essential oil, though that's often convenient. A little herb snip or lemon on your desk is often enough to conjure a nice smell and not annoy your cube mates. Herb tea can also serve the same purpose.

Any favorite scents that you use during the workday?

*Binoculars are for birding since my window overlooks our garden. Not necessarily watching the neighbors. That would be creepy.