Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sweatshop Free Clothes

Is it easy to find sweatshop-free clothes?

It depends how you go about it. If you go to Target or Ann Taylor and start looking as I first did, you're not going to have a lot of luck. If you start with on-line research to find a manufacturer that incorporates "sweatshop-free" as part of the mission statement, you'll be better off.

Is it expensive to buy sweatshop free clothes?

It depends. Just as there is a range of prices for clothes made in sweatshops, there is a range of prices for clothes that are sweatshop free. Here's a list I made relatively quickly of moderately priced items from businesses that don't use sweatshops (and often use organic cotton). If you've purchased clothes from any of these places, let me know.

T-Shirts: Liberation Ink, Bamboosa, Downbound, Esperanza Threads
Men's Dress Shirts: Justice Clothing
Women's Underwear and Bras: Rawganique, Bella, Make Your Own, Justice Clothing
Yoga Pants: Bamboosa
Socks: Esperanza Threads
Sneakers: No Sweat
Baby Clothes: BamboosaBaby, Babywit
Makeup (vegan): Downbound
Honey, Not Tonight Nightgowns: Esperanza Threads

A large list of fair trade and non-sweatshop vendors exists at the Conscious Consumer Marketplace. You might also check Scott's posts at Boy in the Bands on union made goods.