Friday, June 01, 2007

Week in Review

I'm still trying to figure out all of the subtlety that happened yesterday in Santa Barbara with my friend, GhostGirl, and my parents. I think I have a food-driving-discussion hangover. Much of the discussion surrounded ideas about management and retirement. But then the conversation drifted to UU-related issues. Suffice it to say that my UU hippie parents were not aware of any racist connotations with "brown bag." I mention this only because my dad taught at what he believes is the most diverse university in California, and my mom went to Howard.* I also used the opportunity to compare my arm's skin tone to a brown bag, and I'm just about the same color. **

I would like a subscription to the OED where I could look up word histories for "brown bag" and "sucking." Unfortunately it's a tad expensive...though it would be a business expense. ***

I would also like a subscription to Ethisphere, which catalogues all sorts of corporate absurdity. It's also a tad expensive too. In the meantime, I'm reading their ethics news blog.

What else happened this week on my blog?

I wrote about menstruation and the end of it, and got 13 comments. Not all of them are mine. I take it we could start a Ms. Theologian's Monthly Cycle blog to great success.

I wrote a fair amount about where food comes from such as food imported from China, what Trader Joe's says about food origins, and why people get so enraged when you try and take food away.

I mentioned masturbation as self-soothing and no one commented. I'm okay with that.

I tried to encourage expressions of gratitude in the workplace, but apparently no one was grateful on the first workday after a long weekend.

I wrote about a supreme court ruling on the amount of time you have to figure out if there's a pay disparity. It's 180 days. And good luck because many people don't talk about money at work because you can be fired for it in many jobs.

*My mom is white. Well, Italian-American.

**I'm going to continue to research the word origin for "brown bag" and any connotations associated with race.

***I have located (or rather she reminded me of her presence) a source for the OED, and she seems willing to look up phrases for me. More to come.