Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Are the Moral Features of Respectful Pluralism in the Workplace?

I'm going to describe the moral features of respectful pluralism in the workplace, and then, later, we'll look at a few examples.

Here are the key elements in respectful pluralism:

1. Dignity and Equal Respect All people should be treated with equal dignity and equal respect.

2. Voluntariness All transactions are voluntary.

3. Religious Expression A significant degree of religious expression of religious and spiritual beliefs is ideal, providing it does not violate the limiting norms (below).

4. Inclusion and Limiting Norms Employees should be allowed to express their religious, spiritual and cultural commitmentas at work within limiting norms. These norms include noncoercion and nondegradation.

From Chapter 8, Respectful Pluralism at Work in Religion in the Workplace by Douglas Hicks.

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Stay tuned for examples....