Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Is the Question?

I'm reading Work as a Spiritual Practice, and the author, Lewis Richmond, describes how he sends people from his workshops and meditation retreats back to their respective workplaces with, "What is the question?" in mind.

This is a practice for dealing with worry, and it has three more parts, but first you have to decide what The Question is for you. For example, past work Questions that I've worried consistently about are:

Am I going to be laid off? Will my contract be renewed?
Are there enough new projects coming in?
Can I pay the freelance help at month's end?

You have to decide what The Question is for you at work. It's something that is frequently on your mind during the workday and that you devote energy to with worrying. If you decide what it is for you, you can post it here. And tomorrow, we'll move to the remaining parts of the exercise.